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Thanks to everyone that joined us for Launching Energy Efficiency in Alberta.

Below you will find the final program and presentations that have been made available for download.  

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Event presentations available to download:

Opening Session

Morning Break-out - Quartz Room

Morning Break-out - Amber Room

Afternoon Break-out - Quartz Room

Afternoon Break-out - Amber Room

Closing Session


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Past Events

With the provincial government working to advance new energy efficiency programs and policies, this gathering of leading energy efficiency organizations in the province on March 2, 2016 focused on sharing ideas about the design and launch of new programs and policies in the province.

Event presentations available to download:

This May 27, 2015 seminar included presentations on energy management approaches for the institutional and private sectors, as well as a discussion on opportunities to advance energy management across the province.

Event presentations available to download

Energy in the City banner

With Alberta and Edmonton on the cusp of a new era in energy and emissions management, we gathered for a focused look at the future of energy and emissions in urban Alberta.

Event presentations available to download

Alberta GHG Summit

October 23, 2014

At a time when the Government of Alberta is working on a new Climate Change Strategy, leaders in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the province gathered in Calgary. Some speakers focused on industry efforts to reduce emissions, while others looked at ways to cut carbon pollution in communities or opportunities for government to take action.

Event presentations available to download:

The Past, Present and Future of Energy Efficiency in Alberta

January 29, 2014

The Alberta Energy Efficiancy Alliance brought togethers leaders in the field to talk about their latest energy efficiency accomplishments and upcoming energy efficiency initiatives — including the Government of Alberta's efforts to become "the national leader in energy efficiency".

Event presentations available to download:

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Energy Efficiency Choices

A citizens' discussion on Alberta's energy efficiency policies and programs

November, 2013

About the project

The Alberta government is currently researching energy efficiency programs that it could potentially offer within the province. The government’s 2013 budget included their desire to “Build initiatives to make Alberta the national leader in energy efficiency and sustainability.”

The Energy Efficiency Choices project is working to:

  • Hear citizens’ feedback on the available approaches and tools for increasing energy efficiency in Alberta
  • Increase citizen understanding about the benefits of energy efficiency: both in reducing costs, and in addressing environmental impacts including climate change
  • Communicate to the Alberta government — and hear back from them — about participants’ energy efficiency recommendations

Citizen participation

From a brief survey of interested people, four hundred participants from across Alberta will be selected to join in the discussion.

Participants will take part in a two-hour discussion session that will take place between November 5 and 13, 2013 on a weeknight or weekend day or evening. The discussion will use an innovative phone-based conference call technology to meet as a large group and in small discussion groups as well.

The discussion will be followed by another brief survey. The results of the discussion will be summarized and circulated to participants for review. The participants' comments will help shape the final report.

The final report will be shared with the provincial government, energy industry representatives, energy efficiency advocates and the media. It will also be available to the public here at the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance website and for sharing with the participants’ networks.

Find out more about the project.

Becoming the National Leader in Energy Efficiency

February 7, 2013

As the Government of Alberta works to "create an initiative to make Alberta the national leader in energy efficiency and sustainability," the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance brought together leaders in the field to discuss opportunities for reaching this goal.

Event Presentations:

Making Alberta The "National Leader In Energy Efficiency"

February 8, 2012

Leaders in the field discussed the best strategy to achieve the mandate of Alberta's new Premier, "design and implement an initiative that would make Alberta the national leader in energy efficiency and sustainability." 

Output from the event included input into a discussion paper, later presented to relevant government ministries with suggestions on how they can make Alberta the national leader in energy efficiency.  

Alberta's Premier Energy Efficiency Event

November 4, 2010

Alberta’s 2010 premier energy efficiency event. The conference raised the profile of energy efficiency opportunities, profiled specific projects, encouraged knowledge and contact sharing regarding EE activities within the province (and select activities outside of the province) and helped raise the excitement level of EE opportunities in Alberta, fostering the likelihood of people collaborating and taking action after the conference.

The AEEA Conference Report summarizes the ideas shared.

Event Presentations

Buildings Panel

Industry Panel

Lunch Keynote

Municipalities Panel

Conservation Potential Review

Government and Non-Government Organization Panel