About the AEEA

Established in 2007, the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA) is a group of industry, associations, municipal and non-profit organizations. The AEEA has established a core set of beliefs that inform both a shared vision for the future of Alberta and a focused mission statement for the organization.


  1. Energy efficiency plays an important role in creating a sustainable Alberta, economically and environmentally.
  2. There are non-economic barriers to the adoption of economic energy efficiency technology and activities.
  3. There is a role for all orders of government, all businesses (commercial, institutional, retail, industrial, and utilities), non-profit organizations and individuals in maximizing the benefits of energy efficiency.
  4. By working together we all achieve more.
Guiding Principles of the AEEA:

Innovation & Leadership:

  • Proactive
  • Leading change
  • Open to and seeking new ideas
  • Visioning to the future/forward looking


  • Considers the economic, social and environmental implications
  • Concentrates on “best available technology that is economically affordable” (BATEA)
  • Provides opportunities for members to collaborate on next generation technology & processes
  • Provide value to all stakeholders:
  • Assist members in achieving common goals
  • Results oriented:
  • Quantifiable

Balanced portfolio approach:

  • Short, medium and long-term approaches
  • Diversity of scope, scale and types of approaches

Inclusive & diverse:

  • Representation from all orders of government , all businesses (commercial, institutional, retail, industry, utilities), non-profit organizations and individuals 
Values of the AEEA:

AEEA shows INTEGRITY in our relationships with partners, stakeholders, and audiences by being:

  • Ethical
  • Transparent
  • Fiscally responsible
  • Accountable

AEEA demonstrates VALUE in all aspects of our business by:

  • Being attentive to our stakeholders
  • Having relevance
  • Being fiscally responsible and cost effective
  • Being creative and innovative


  • Encouraging participation of all stakeholders – governments, companies, associations or organizations and individuals
  • Recognizing all forms of energy
  • Working in a collaborative manner
  • Respecting a diversity of opinions
  • Ensuring balance
  • Being equitable
  • Seeking potential synergies that may exist with other industries and associations

AEEA will build our CREDIBILITY through:

  • A balanced approach
  • Encouraging a diversity of opinions
  • Being broad-based in our membership
  • Being open and transparent in our actions and communications
  • Serving the “greater good” rather than others proprietary issues

Board Directors and Society Officers

  • Chair: David Conn, ATCO Gas
  • Vice Chair: Amy Roesler, CLEAResult
  • Treasurer: Tom Jackman, SAIT
  • Executive Director: Wayne Morishita
  • Secretary: Gail Foster
  • Afure Onekpe, AEE Alberta
  • Pamela Goertzen, Summerhill
  • Tracy Grills, Eco Lighting Solutions
  • Dan Lafferty, ReLight Solutions
  • Andrea Linsky, City of Edmonton
  • John Rilett, Enmax Corporation
  • Natasha Russell
  • D.M. Stoneman, ICF Canada
  • Rebecca Fiissel-Schaefer, Ecofitt

Relationship with CEEA

The AEEA has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) that establishes a strategic partnership between the two organizations. The MOU states that the AEEA and CEEA are separate organizations with common interests, and lays out how the organizations will work together to further advance energy efficiency at both the provincial and national levels.