Launching Energy Efficiency in Alberta

Thanks to everyone that joined us for Launching Energy Efficiency in Alberta.

Below you will find the presentations that have been made available for download.

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Event presentations available to download:


Alberta's First 3 Energy Efficiency Programs

· Julie-Ann Vincent, Dunsky Energy Consulting



Implementing Edmonton's Community Energy Transition Strategy

· Lisa Dockman and Mike Mellross, City of Edmonton



Large Building Energy Efficiency

  • Dean Turgeon, 3D Energy



ASHRAE Shaping Tomorrow’s Built Environment Today

  • Erich Binder, ASHRAE



Multi-family Energy Efficiency

  • Jordan Fisher, FRESCo



Zero Energy Schools

  • Tanya Doran, Stantec



Energy Measurement Studies

  • Tom Jackman, SAIT



Engaging 700,000 Albertans in Energy Efficiency Education

  • Gareth Thomson, ACEEE



Student Summits and Classroom Content

  • Kathryn Wagner, Inside Education



Combined Heat and Power

  • Peter Ruben, Nexus Power Solutions



Distributed Solar, Market Outlook and Role of Utilities-

  • Dave Kelly, CanSIA



NRC IRAP Vision for Energy Innovation

  • Greg Snaith, National Research Council



Strategic Energy Management in Industry

  • Robert Greenwald, Prism Engineering



The Importance of Cash Flow for Energy Efficiency

  • Karim Abraham, Kambo Green Solutions



Alberta Borrowing Act

  • Peter Love, Energy Services Association of Canada



Financing for Energy Efficiency

  • Genevieve Gauthier, Econoler



PACE Financing in Alberta: Removing the financial barrier to building/retrofitting sustainable buildings

  • Brian Scott, Communitas



The Missing Link in Energy Savings in Buildings: the Human Factor

  • Mathieu Cote, CIET | Canadian Institute for Energy Training

  • Andrea Linsky, Professional and Continuing Training and Certification | BCIT

  • Jim Sandercock, Full Time Technical Training | NAIT



Engaging Hard to Reach Communities

  • Amy Hennessy, Empower Me



Energy and Housing Management with First Nations

· Benjamin Scott, Community Power